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The SkyRC Ultimate 20A/400W battery charger without / BP univers

The SkyRC Ultimate 20A/400W battery charger without / BP univers
SkyRC B6 Ultimate 400W (SK-100017-01) - Very powerful all-in-one battery charger allowing to load and discharge quickly the majority of types of accumulators and batteries: LiPo, LiIon, LiFe, NiCd, NiMH and so forth. Qualitatively loads with high currents and balances the lithium batteries used in radio-controlled models and the weapon for a straykbol.

The SkyRC B6 Ultimate 400W battery charger - a good combination of high power and compactness in an available price segment. The charge current to 20A and the power of a charge of 400 Watts allows to charge the majority of accumulators, even the most capacious, in 12-30 minutes, being restricted only to accumulator opportunities.

Process of a charge completely automatic is also controlled the microcontroller. The charge interrupts in case of failure detection or in case of achievement of the set limit: a cut-off on current and tension for lithium accumulators, on temperature and delta peak for the nickel. For all types of accumulators setup of a car of disconnect on the maximum time and capacity is possible.

For convenience the device is equipped with the built-in memory on 10 settings of charge/discharge of batteries. Now for operation with the accumulator there is no need to enter all settings, and it is enough to select one of the programs saved earlier.

Possibility of programming to 5 cycles of the continuous charge / discharge of batteries allows to recover/develop internal chemistry of accumulators and to increase overall performance of the battery to a maximum.

The original device from the vendor of SkyRC famous for the popular line of IMAX battery chargers. Originality is confirmed by a holographic sticker, serial number and a special test code.


The power supply with tension from 12 to 18V at least 400W is in addition necessary for operation;
Extremally high charge current;
Programmable limits of time, temperature, capacity, delta peak;
Programming to 5 cycles of charge/discharge;
Check of real accumulator capacity;
Independent balancing of LiPo of accumulators in the battery;
Memory on 10 modes of a charge;

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