The SkyRC T6200 12A/200W battery charger without / BP with the s

The SkyRC T6200 12A/200W battery charger without / BP with the s
SkyRC T6200 (SK-100072-01) - The powerful microprocessor universal battery charger with the color touch screen allowing to load and discharge quickly and conveniently the majority of types of accumulators and batteries: LiPo, LiFe, NiCd and NiMH.

Except basic functions: a charge and discharge of storage batteries, the device it is supplied with several additional useful functions: the port which is built in by an USB for fast charging of USB devices and р / at models with the battery charger from an USB (the majority of microhelicopters, micromachines); the built-in servotester for check and setup of servo actuators; tester commutatorless datchikovykh of motors; connection to the PC for monitoring of process of charging and control of the battery charger.

Qualitatively loads and balances the lithium batteries to 6 cans used in the majority of radio-controlled models that is necessary for their long and safe use.

The original device from the vendor of SkyRC famous for the popular line of IMAX battery chargers. Originality is confirmed by a holographic sticker, serial number and a special test code.


The power supply with tension 11-18B, at least 200 Watts is in addition necessary for operation;
Color sensor LCD display;
Intuitive friendly interface;
Effective cooling;
Programmable limits of time, temperature, capacity, determination of NiMh/NiCD delta peak;
Cyclic charge / discharge;
Monitoring of process of a charge, including and on the computer through special a software;
Built-in servotester;
The USB-plug for charging of USB devices;
Built-in tester of sensor boneless engines;
Check of real accumulator capacity;
Check of internal resistance of LiPol of batteries;
Balancing of LiPo of batteries;
Monitoring of input voltage (Protects automobile batteries from redischarge)

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